A BIG Crowd at the Lewistown Moose

The crowd came out to get Lucky and we THANK YOU!
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We'll be back to see ya again on
Nov 18th, 2017

Traveling in Snyder County to the Lewistown Moose

We're here!!!

Hello again Leslie... Leslie always serves us with a smile!

Enjoying a little meal before setup

The famous "Moose Burger" and fries...Mmmm...

Chicken fingers / mac & cheese / corn

Dave making "in the field" repairs

Let's roll...

...and there it is!

A great surprise... a beautiful oak stool for the Lucky Afternoon Band to use when climbing stages.

This beautiful, hand-crafted step stool was a gift to the band from Bill Artley (Big Steve's dad). 

THANK YOU Bill...!!

Banjos and...


Lucky kickin' a little bluegrass ass!


OMG...what a great surprise -  an old Lucky Afternoon T-shirt

We'll be glad to sign that nostalgic, valuable relic

A birthday cake???

It's the birthday girls

Happy "Lucky Afternoon" Birthday to Mary and Jenny
We wish you MANY more!!

Pleasure chatting with the Moose Junior Governor Craig

Dave's ole banjo buddy...
It took several years but Dave kept his promise!!!

Dave and Schrampie have been buddies for MANY years!

We watched this nice cook dance to our music
at the kitchen door!

Stick and his jumping buddy Randall

t was great playing for our Lucky Friends at the Lewistown Moose! Thanks Again!
CYA on Nov 18th, 2017







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