A "BIG CROWD" at the Lewistown Moose

The crowd came out to get Lucky and we THANK YOU!

The dance floor was kicked up all night...!!!

We're here!!!

And ready for some Mooseburgers!

Great food at the Lewistown Moose

Thank you Lexi and Bree for the good service!

The bang gang enjoying the great tasting food

Ice Cream...!!!

"Hope I win"... No, he didn't.

But someone Jess F did...!!

One of the classic "500" Lucky Afternoon T-Shirts sold from years ago...and this one autographed...!!!

Pretty hollow in there....

And there it is...!!

"I have to go number one"

Dave getting out with the crowd...

Time to rest

And Stick mixing it up with the dancers

Ehhh... a face only a mother could love!

And speaking of mothers... there she is!

"Help, I lost a contact"

Rockin' father and son

Terry, Becky, and Biv... what can we say except.... THANK YOU once again for all the help and friendship. 
Fabulous pictures Terry... Thanks again!!!

t was great playing for our Lucky Friends at the Lewistown Moose! Thanks Again!
CYA on March 31st, 2018







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