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Welcome to the West Snyder's Class of 75' Web Page. 
This site is intended to help foster communication among classmates and
provide a resource for information on class news, announcements, meetings, and class reunions.

For General Questions, E-mail or Contact:
Diane Fleming    Emily Bishop    Marci Hassinger    Susan Yerger    Karen Dressler    Hugh McKnight    Teresa Knepp    Sue Stamm   
John Davis    Diane Hackenberg   Debbie Wagner


40th Class Reunion Picture


Reminiscing, laughing, fun, and dancing with...

...The Lucky Afternoon Band!

Social Hour



Those Remembered


Time to eat...

...line up!

Did someone say good food...???

You betcha!!!



Lets meet the class members and their dates / friends
And some faculty members too...

The band loves Dave....

...especially when he feeds them!

A great lookin' bar

And it didn't take long for Sue Squid to hit the bar

"Thanks for the beer Mike..."

...and he left Dave use his leg when the toilet paper ran out!!

BZ is smiling and just happy Dave didn't use his leg!!

We must be playing cards.... a pair of jokers!

Dave reporting to the principal

Shhhhhh..... we won't tell

Prizes and Raffles

The principle picking the winning ticket!

What are we looking for?  An earring?  A contact?  A dime?

A special hello to Cathy and Brooke
Great service with a great smile!

Congratulations West Snyder Class of 1975